Canvas - Permanent Outdoor Ping Pong Table


Product Features
  • 100% Aluminum Construction
  • Heavy-Duty External
  • Powdercoat
  • Perforated Design
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Super-Durable
  • Special "Bat Cave"
  • Friction Ball Holders in Every Leg
Benefits of Ping Pong
  • Low impact activity
  • Incidental and fun exercise
  • Enhances hand to eye co-ordination skills
  • Strengthens body balance
  • Brain game – tactics and strategy
  • Socially interactive
  • Neuromuscular skill development
  • Prolonged concentration practice

Australian Made and Owned

All Weather Durable Construction

Heavy Duty, Pre-Primed Undercoat

Creators of Happiness since 2019

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Precision Craftsmanship

Each CANVAS table starts with a heavy-duty aluminum base, expertly laser-cut and folded to precision.

2. Prepped for Perfection

We then apply a robust primer and undercoat, ensuring your table is perfectly prepped for a masterpiece.

Canvas - Permanent Outdoor Ping Pong Table - Pongo

3. Artistry Unleashed

Now, it’s over to the artists. With the canvas set, they bring their vision to life, right on the table.

CANVAS by Pongo

An All-Weather Ping Pong Table just for you

Integrating a CANVAS Permanent Outdoor Ping Pong Table into your community isn't just about providing a space for sport; it's about creating a vibrant hub for artistic expression and social interaction. As a functional piece of public art, the CANVAS table invites residents to engage not only in playful competition but also in cultural appreciation. This installation fosters a sense of community, beautifies public spaces, and promotes physical activity, making it a valuable addition to any communal area. Whether it's a local park, a schoolyard, or a public square, the CANVAS table is where community and creativity come together.

The Process

Creativity, Brought to Life.

Our CANVAS tables are primed with a heavy-duty undercoat, creating a perfect canvas for artists and creators to directly apply their paint. Once the artwork is complete, we seal the table to protect and immortalise their masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.

Let's get started

Let's create something beautiful

Simply order online to start the process of designing your very own CANVAS Permanent Outdoor Ping Pong Table. Or, contact us below to ask our team before getting started!