We know playing Table Tennis regularly is beneficial for your entire body, it is even better Outdoors for fresh air for your lungs. But did you know Outdoor Table Tennis is also great for mental wellness too! See below for some health benefits you may of overlooked when it comes to Ping Pong.

Vitamin D

The benefit of playing Outdoors is some natural sunlight which creates Vitamin D which increases general wellness.  Low vitamin D levels have been linked to serious health consequences, including:

  • Osteoporosis

  • Cancer

  • Depression

  • Muscle weakness



Dopamine is involved in neurological and physiological functioning. It’s a contributing factor in motor function, mood, and even our decision making. It’s also associated with some movement and psychiatric disorders.

Dopamine influences brain processes that control the body's movement, its reponse to outside stimulation and the ability to experience both plain and pleasure. It comes from the ‘games’ aspect of Ping Pong and from the ‘rewards’ factor of winning shots. See also how Ping Pong helps Parkinson Sufferers on our blog.


Ping Pong can provide players with an Adrenaline based ‘natural high’ as a result from the low impact physical and mental game, the heart beats faster and stronger and uses more oxygen.

Adrenaline stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and makes the body feel more alert and aware of surroundings and creates a natural high. Shot behavior and shot anticpation are all factors in creating adrenaline.


Because there is an element of excitement and shot anticipation with Ping Pong, the brain releases more endorphins than it would during other forms of exercise.

Endorphins are the brain's natural painkillers and are known to be three times more powerful than morphine. They are reduced during game play and flow through the body. Endorphins foster a feeling of wellness and make you feel energetic and fresh, improve mood and decreases a sensitivity to pain.


Low levels of serotonin are widely credited to be the cause of most mild to moderate cases of depression. Without serotonin naturally flowing through our bodies, we feel lethargic! Serotonin comes from the brain, it is created in Ping Pong game play at it creates a natural chemcial substance that creates a sense of happiness and well-being.



Table tennis as a neuroplasticity exercise can provide the same kind of novel stimulation to the brain as in learning a new language!
The game is a strategy based one that involves the matching of skills with instant action.

Unique benefits

  • Increasing Socialisation and Learning from Skills Practice

  • Creating a community

  • Using exercise of Ping Pong to de-stress

  • Improving Sensory Input