Permanent Outdoor Ping Pong Table


PONGO Permanent Product Features
  • 100% Aluminum Construction
  • Heavy-Duty External
  • Powdercoat
  • Perforated Design
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Super-Durable
  • Special "Bat Cave"
  • Friction Ball Holders in Every Leg
Benefits of Ping Pong
  • Low impact activity
  • Incidental and fun exercise
  • Enhances hand to eye co-ordination skills
  • Strengthens body balance
  • Brain game – tactics and strategy
  • Socially interactive
  • Neuromuscular skill development
  • Prolonged concentration practice

Australian Made and Owned

All Weather Durable Construction

Ultra High Resolution Designs

Creators of Happiness since 2019

Built for the Long Haul

100% Aluminium Construction

Crafted entirely from aluminium, our tables promise not just elegance but also unmatched strength.

The pure aluminium build ensures it remains unyielding, no matter where you place it.

Excellence in Every Element

Sleek Finish, Stellar Features

Beyond its heavy-duty external powder coat that offers additional resilience, the table showcases a unique perforated design.

Paired with its ultra-lightweight yet super-durable structure, it’s a marvel of both form and function.

Player's Paradise

Special Additions for the Game Enthusiast

We're going to be introducing the special "PONGO Caddy", a dedicated space for your paddles, balls and drinks, ensuring they're always within arm's reach.

Plus, with friction ball holders in every leg, you're never short of game ammo. It's not just a table; it's a complete ping pong experience.


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