Got an Event?

Make it Ping with a PONGO Pop-Up!

With PONGO Pop-Up events, you can hire our unique 'All-Weather' Ping Pong Tables. Perfect for Celebrations, Activations and Employee Culture Events to name a few. Available in VIC only.

Event Hire

Paddle Battle

With PONGO Pop Up Events you can put your feet up as we arrange and take care of the ''Bump In'' and the ''Bump Out'' of your event.

Plenty of our Outdoor PONGO Bats and Balls are available to ensure everyone is ready for action.

Did you know? 

Our high definition tabletops are created with up to 504,000,000 pixels? Now that’s a lot of pixels to impress your guests!

Event Hire


PONGO Pop-Up Event tables are engineered for ‘All-Weather’ play. You can play Ping Pong in the comfort of a four walled environment or take it outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Bluetooth Speakers + Powerbanks are available to ensure good tunes are always on hand.


Mic Drop Moments

When your guests walk into the room they will be amazed with the graphics on the unique Pongo playing surfaces.

Want to play longer? Contact us for long term hire options.

Any Questions? Get in touch!