Shouldn’t this area be called FAQ’S?

Yes – QAF’s is Frequently Asked Questions backwards. We thought FAQ’s needed a re-brand. We hope you can find all the answers to those questions you may have, but if we have missed one just drop us a line and we will come back to you.

Why are you called PONGO ? Do you smell?

PONGO doesn’t stink. Heard of Ping-Pong? Well we took our favourite word ‘Pong’ and added an ‘O’ for our joy of the outdoors. We tried to be called ‘Pingers’ but we kept getting spam mail from Bikies and people who were off to rave concerts. So now you know, finish your toast, buy a table and become a pal of PONGO.

How long till my PONGO table gets delivered?

If it’s in stock its 3-4 weeks. PONGO Pro (Custom artwork) has a 5-6 week lead time. Order inquiry updates you can always reach us on website live chat or on email us.

How will my table arrive?

Our preference is a freight courier services to your home. We may request for you to be home at time of delivery. This depends on carrier. Your table arrives in a protective cardboard box requiring a very small amount of assembly to get you up and running

What tools will I need to assemble?

A rubber mallet or soft hammer (non metal) is ideal and Phillip’s tipped screwdriver are the only tools required. We do recommend the use of gloves in assembly

How much is delivery?

Metro rates are published at checkout, If delivery to regional areas is above our quoted metro rates we will need to get a custom freight quote. We do not make any margin on Freight. Export deliveries outside of Australia are quoted on a job basis.

Can you move the PONGO tables once setup?

Because our tables are made from Aluminium and not Steel it is very easy to move them from one outdoor setting to the next due to their lightweight high strength nature. It is an easy job for 2 people. The tables will need to be separated at the net prior to moving.

Think of a PONGO table like a trampoline though. Once they are set up with the feet all adjusted to suit and perform in that terrain, they are design to enjoy that location until moved.

Can a PONGO table be placed completely outside, like in the rain?

Absolutely, These are all weather Ping-Pong tables. If you were to put a timber table tennis unit outside the top would be damaged in weeks. (trust us, we tried) Pongo table surface are finished with a UV protectant and other materials are powdercoated Aluminium and UV stable joiners.

How do I keep my PONGO looking good for years to come?

Pick a location that is a mixture of Sun, Shade and Protection. Surface should be cleaned only with a mild detergent and water. Use a smooth cloth, Do not use any abrasive type cleaning agent (Ajax or similar) or cleaning material (such as steel wool) as it will damage the surface. Thoroughly wash off any residue of detergent with clean water. Bird droppings or animal urine should be removed immediately to protect the longevity of the surface.

What surfaces can PONGO tables be set up on?

Due to Pongo having adjustable feet, 12 in total, it can accommodate surfaces which aren’t completely level such as backyard lawns. Pongo has been set up on Decks, Paved Areas, and Concrete areas to name a few.

What are the Dimensions of a PONGO Table?

Table dimensions fully assembled when 1500W x 2740L  Height is adjustable from 745mm to a maximum height of approx 800mm

Like traditional table tennis setups, The Pongo arrives as two separate tables then joined at the net to make a complete setup. They can be separated if required.

What is your returns policy?

As all our table tennis tables are custom made / they and made to order, we are unable to accept returns or give refunds based on ‘change of mind’. We are available to answer any questions prior to your purchase to give you peace of mind.

I’m having trouble meeting a life long partner?

Not sure how you got our email address but we suggest inviting your tinder friend around for a game of night Ping Pong under the moon light on your new POGNO. Light some candles and cue the James Blunt. Remember, if it doesn’t go to plan,

At least your PONGO will be there in the morning.

Where can I view a copy of your Privacy Policy

Please visit for our up to date Privacy Policy

What are my payment options?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)

  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)

  • American Express

  • Apple Pay