Creators of Happiness

At PONGO, we're not just making tables; we're crafting experiences, reviving memories, and sparking joy. Our love for ping pong, rooted in cherished childhood moments with family and friends, ignited a desire to reinvent the game for modern lives and spaces.

While traditional indoor tables often fade into obscurity in space-starved homes, we recognised an unfulfilled passion – a yearning for that familiar rally, shared laughter, and friendly competition. But moving the game outdoors introduced its own challenges. The unforgiving Australian climate could quickly turn a beloved table into mere garden debris.

From this challenge, PONGO was born – a seamless blend of durability, design, and delight. Our tables aren't just "weather-resistant"; they're all-weather warriors. Whether you're looking at our ready-to-order PONGO Originals, dreaming up a custom design with PONGO Pro, or eyeing the steadfast PONGO Permanent for community spaces, each table is more than a piece of furniture. It's a canvas for memories, designed for every environment and echoing our commitment to quality.

Today, as the Creators of Happiness, we invite you to join us on this journey. When you choose PONGO, you're not just getting a table. You're investing in laughter, bonding, and memories that will last generations. That's the PONGO promise.

Something for everyone...

PONGO Originals

Choose from our pre-designed all-weather ping pong tables ready to order. New PONGO Originals designs recently added!


Fully customisable all-weather ping pong tables to showcase your personal style, story or brand. With PONGO Pro, your imagination is the limit!

PONGO Permanent

Designed to stay where you put it, our permanent all-weather ping pong table is perfect for parks, schools, apartment and more.