Encouraging active playtime is vital for our kids health and mental well being. Although experts recommend that kids over 5 spend no more than two hours in front of a screen, we simply know that is not the case.

Sometimes we are constrained by our homes, the benefit of a Pongo Table is it can be played indoors or outdoors. So if indoor playtime gets too loud, backyard playtime can be engaged. Below we discuss the benefits for Kids and Ping Pong.

  • Fantastic Focus: Short attention span is something many Parents talk about when describing their kids; but it is the modern way we all live our lives now, always shuffling between multiple activities. Ping pong is a highly focus-oriented sport, as the player is required to consistently keep track of the ball as well as the opponent’s moves and strategy. Children with attention deficits greatly benefit from such an exercise as the brain is being trained while indulging in a fun activity. Long duration focus is beneficial in terms of progress in several other spheres of life, including schoolwork.

  • Mind Memory: Ping Pong allows an excellent opportunity for Parent to Child training and not requiring additional costs of professionals. For a child starting out they are required to recall the basic moves involved in playing the sport. Repeated practice of the same exercises gets the movements deeply embedded in the long-term memory. The unpredictable nature of sport requires that the player be an expert in all the maneuvers that he has learned. Ping Pong is known as a Brain Sport.

  • Social Skills: With many parks, hotels, recreational centres now installing Outdoor Ping Pong Tables there is an opportunity to meet new friends via the sport of Ping Pong . Ping Pong assists those that may have a lack of social skills or awkwardness. It is important life skill to improve communication skills online and offline.

  • Backyards becomes the best: You don’t need a sports center as a spot for kids to hang out after school or during the holidays. It can be in there own backyard. Practicing and playing together against different skill levels can assist in the learning process. Ping pong sessions can also be used as means of get-togethers. Planning family or neighborhood matches during the weekend is a great way to catch up with your loved ones.

  • Fitness First: Outdoor Ping pong offers a mix of cardiovascular and strength training that strongly improves the level of fitness in the player’s body. Increase in aerobic capacity boosts heart health and helps to maintain an active lifestyle in the long run.

  • Lets get physical: Ping pong workouts also challenge the neuromuscular system of the body leading to better balance. Muscular growth is promoted, which leads to a better physique in kids as well as adults and includes many “happy hormones” like dopamine and serotonin which are known to be mood lifting chemicals.

  • Body Balance: Your child’s reaction and response times will generally improve but also fitness levels with the sport of Ping Pong assisting weigh management and helping tone Leg, Arm and Back muscle.

    Got another benefit of Ping Pong? Drop us a comment.