Pongo Features

  • Rain or Shine
    All weather corrosion resistant aluminium skinned table top.
  • Going gets rough
    It’s okay, when the ground is unstable, we have 12 independently adjustable feet ensuring an even playing field.
  • Picture perfect
    Pongo uses the latest in UV protective technologies, slicker than your school portrait.
  • Knot free net
    Wrap your laughing gear around the most smashing net design in the Ping-Pongo industry.
  • It’s in the box
    Everything arrives flat packed and can be connected together in less than 10 minutes. It’s not Ikea, hallelujah!
  • Nice Legs!
    Thanks, Pongo tables wear black powdercoated stockings made from super-metal Aluminium.
  • Pimp my Pongo
    Your Pongo table is ready for our latest accessories, add them now or add them later once FOMO has kicked in.
  • Aussie Made
    Bloody oath cobbers and we ship these beauties all around the globe.