Got a brand? Make it ping with PONGO Pro!

With PONGO Pro, your imagination is the only limitation. Design your own table, or work with our designers to create a true work-of-art that perfectly showcases your brand or style.


You Dream It

With PONGO Pro you become the creative director. Whether you’re a sports club who wants their team emblem featured, you’re hosting an event featuring key sponsors, or a business wanting to showcase your beautiful brand, PONGO Pro is all about creating a one-of-a-kind artwork for your space.

Did you know? Our high definition tabletops are created with up to 590,000,000 pixels? Now that’s a lot of pixels…


We Build It

Once your artistic dream is realised, we begin the crafting process. All our custom-made Ping Pong tables are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Keeping our manufacturing local, we can control the whole process; from the high-definition printing and UV protection coatings, to our metal fabrication division and even in-house powder coat line we’re able to ensure you get a premium product made to perfection.

Plus Every PONGO Pro tables comes with Drink and Bat Holders as well... winner!


Play With It

PONGO tables are engineered for ‘all weather’ play. You can play Ping Pong in the comfort of your four walls or take it outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. Your table will look fantastic and play even better with our custom drink and bat holders.