Not all ping pong tables are built equally. In fact, few are made with the innovative features of PONGO tables or to such high standards.

Here are five features that you should look for in a ping pong table.

1. A fixed net

If you have ever played table tennis, you would know how annoying those pesky mesh nets can be to put up – and keep up. The grips that keep up the net often come loose on cheap ping pong tables or swivel, making for an uneven net that needs constant readjusting. At PONGO, we’ve fixed the problem. Our tables come with an integrated perforated aluminium net. That means no setting up nets, no saggy nets, no off-centre nets, no need for readjusting and no tightening. Our tables are always ready to play – and always 100% fair to players on both sides of the table.

2. UV protection

Whether your ping pong table is used indoors or outdoors, chances are it will feel some rays from the harsh Australian sun. Unless it is in a window-less basement or garage, UV light is likely going to bathe it daily. The problem is, most cheap ping pong tables aren’t built with this in mind.

Poor quality materials used in their construction mean they are highly susceptible to serious damage from UV rays. Some cheap tables can warp, even if they are exposed to direct sunlight for only a short period of time. If you purchase a PONGO table, you don’t have to worry about this. Our tables receive multi-stage UV protection coatings during the production process, which means they are a true ‘All-Weather’ ping pong table that can be safely used indoors or outdoors.

3. Built-in adjustable feet

There is nothing worse than trying to play a game of table tennis on a wonky ping pong table.

Trying to beat your family member or friend in a game is hard enough, let alone contending with a table that is off-centre and unstable. That is why it pays to invest in a ping pong table that has built-in adjustable feet – like a PONGO. Even if the surface you are putting a table on is not completely even – which can often be the case with paved outdoor areas in particular – you can easily ensure your table is completely stable by making a few slight adjustments to the feet.

4. Bat, ball and drink holders

Forget about wondering where you put the table tennis bats and balls ever again. With a PONGO ping pong table, you can leave them right alongside the table so you are always ready for a game at a moment’s notice. We offer secure holders which can be fitted to the side of our tables to put your bats in when you’re done. There are also two cups – which can either act as ball holders or drink holders. How cool is that?

5. Great designs

Tired of the standard matt blue colour ping pong tables? So were we. That’s why we designed a range of tables with funky table tops. Of course, we do stock a standard ‘Aussie Edition’ table, which is blue like the tennis courts at the Australian Open in Melbourne. But we also stock a ‘Clay’ top in honour of the French Open, and a ‘Lawn’ top in honour of Wimbledon. If they’re not your style, there is a slick ‘Carbon’ top design and a very nice ‘Beach’ design. Or, if you desire, you can customise your own table top design with a sports club or business logo and other branding.