So, you are thinking about buying your very own ping pong table? How exciting! Ping pong, which is also known as table tennis, is a game which originated in England early in the 20th century. These days it is a much-loved recreational activity in homes, businesses and other facilities across Australia and table tennis has even been an Olympic sport since 1998. If you are looking to add some fun and a little healthy competition to your life, a ping pong table is a great purchase. However, it is important not to throw your hard-earned money away on just any old ping pong table. Here is what to look for in a new ping pong table.

Quality counts – for multiple reasons

In life, you often get what you pay for and there is no exception when it comes to ping pong tables.

Cheap ping pong tables are normally made of the bare minimum materials – and the cheapest possible materials at that. A cheap ping pong table might seem like it does the job at the start, but don’t expect it to last. Most cheap ping pong tables have a very thin and fairly flimsy table top, made of some cheap particle board with a thin lick of paint over the top. The thickness of some table tops can be just 12mm – which makes them easy to damage. In addition, ping pong balls will not bounce as well on thinner and less sturdy tables as they will on a thicker and high-quality table top. Generally speaking, the thicker the table top, the better. But also look for tables that have more sturdy legs and supports, because some of the cheap tables don’t even start out on even footing.

Will the table be indoors or outdoors?

An important consideration when buying a ping pong table is whether you plan to have it live indoors or outdoors. Many Australian homes now have outdoor patios, which are a great place to hold ping pong competitions. However, most ping pong tables are not built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions and will have a very short life if they are left out in the elements – even if they are undercover. Just a few drops of rain that the wind blows through could cause damage to a cheap table that is not made to be used outside. Most table tennis tables are also not made to handle the harsh Australian sun, which can cause blistering of the paint.

Where is the ping pong table made?

Like a lot of things, most ping pong tables are imported to Australia from China. But there are a select few companies – including PONGO – which design and manufacture table’s right here in Australia, supporting Aussie jobs and the local economy. If you can, it is always best to buy local.

Why buy a PONGO ping pong table?

At PONGO, our high-quality ping pong tables are in a class of their own. Sturdy, with a thick table top and set on legs as strong as an Olympic weightlifter, your ping pong ball will be bouncing from one end to the other for many, many years to come. Unlike most ping pong tables, at POGO our tables are specifically designed to be ‘All-Weather’ options that can be used indoors but will also withstand the Aussie outdoors.

Our tables are 100% made in Melbourne and our business is 100% Australian owned. Check out our range of awesome table designs today and add some fun to your home or backyard today.