So, you’ve decided you want a table tennis table. Now comes the daunting bit – settling on which one to buy. Not all table tennis tables are built equally. In fact, when it comes to quality and features, there can be vast differences between tables. Then, of course, your budget will come into the equation. We’re here to help, with a few tips on what to look for when choosing a new table tennis table.

Look for quality

A lot of people who buy a cheap table tennis table from a major retailer come to regret their decision not to spend a few extra dollars quite quickly. Cheap table tennis tables are often poorly designed and built, leaving them unstable. They generally also have a thin and flimsy table top that can be easily warped and is not supportive enough to give table tennis balls the best bounce they are capable of. If you are going to buy a table tennis table, do it properly and purchase a high-quality table that is going to last. Thicker table tops are generally a good sign of better quality tables, while you will also want to make sure that your new table has a strong and sturdy set of legs.

Do you need a table tennis table for indoors or outdoors?

Some people purchase a cheap table tennis table and place it in an undercover outdoor area.

Bad idea. Unless a table tennis table states it is an ‘All-Weather’ product that is specifically designed for outdoors use, it should not be anywhere near the outdoors elements. A few drops of rain that blow in under the patio could servery damage a table that is not made for the Aussie outdoors.

Most tables also lack any UV protection from the harsh Australian sun, which can also quickly cause significant damage.

Check the netting system

If you’re going to have a table tennis table, you might as well use it. If you have to spend a few minutes untangling the net and trying put it in place every time you want to play, it might put you off playing as often as you would like. A lot of better table tennis tables come with integrated built-in aluminium nets, which remove these problems. With an integrated net, your table is always ready to play when you are.

How much assembly is required?

Hate putting together flat pack furniture? Us to. Some cheap table tennis tables are not much better and take quite a bit of time and effort to put together – even more so when some of the required pieces are missing from the pack. Look for a table tennis table which has quick and easy assembly.

Where is the table made?

It’s never been more important to buy Australian Made. Most cheap table tennis tables – like a lot of things – are made in China. But by buying a table tennis table from an Australian manufacturer, you are helping to support Aussie jobs and grow the local economy.

Why buy a PONGO table tennis table?

At PONGO, we thought about what we would look for in buying a table tennis table when we came up with our own range of tables. Quality is at the forefront of our operation, with our tables having thick table tops, sturdy legs and being built to last. Given how much Australians love the outdoors, we also wanted to create ‘All-Weather’ tables that could be used inside or outside, meaning they can handle the rain and are UV protected. We integrated netting into our tables so they are always ready to play, while we also made our flat packs super-easy to set up – with just three easy steps taking less than 10 minutes combined. Finally, we are an Australian-owned brand and all our tables are made in Melbourne. We are as Aussie as St Kilda Beach, Flinders Street Station and the mighty MCG!