Want to become the world’s best boss? There’s a sure-fire way to do that and it is by purchasing a ping pong table for your office or business premises. There’s more to gain than just being well-liked by your employees, though. A connected, happy and healthy workplace culture can help boost the bottom line of your business. Happy employees are more likely to be successful employees, more likely to support other employees and more likely to think with greater creativity juices flowing.

Do we even need to go on or are you just going to go and order a PONGO ping pong table now?

We’ll continue anyway, with four key reasons other companies – including many of your rivals – already have ping pong tables on-site.

1. Sharper employee thinking

Ping pong tables started popping up in office spaces around the world in the 1990s because they were seen as an active indoor game that could promote strategic thinking. Playing ping pong helps increase alertness and concentration, helping to stimulate increased brain function and tactical thinking. By taking a short break or playing some ping pong during lunch, your employees get some time away from their desk and you get a more productive employee when they return.

2. Team building benefits

Sport is a great uniting force, but there are not too many sports you can play in an office or business.

Kicking a footy indoors around windows and computer screens is a bad idea – just ask us. However, ping pong is a safe sport for an office environment, which allows employees to bond over a little healthy competition. Like most sports, ping pong breaks down social barriers, helps kick-start new conversations and often allows employees to see a different side to their fellow workers. At the end of the day, team bonding creates better morale – which is what every good workplace is striving for.

3. Employee recruitment and retention

Workers want to join vibrant, fun and happy workplaces that have a great culture. If they come in for a job interview and see a ping pong table in the staff room, they are likely to think your business ticks all the boxes on that front. It’s not just about having a ping pong table as a recruitment prop, though. Encouraging your employees to take occasional breaks and use the ping pong table will help create that vibrant, fun and happy workplace. If you have that, that means greater staff retention and less recruiting and training – a win in any manager or business owner’s book.

4. Ping pong is for everyone

As a low-impact sport which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, heights, body shapes and skill levels, ping pong is a great leveller. If you can hold a bat in one hand, you can play. If your business has a nice outdoor area, you could even consider placing a ping pong table outside so it is wheelchair accessible.

The best ping pong tables for businesses

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