Thinking of getting a table tennis table for your office or business premises? Great idea! You and your employees will love a little healthy lunchtime competition. But it is important not to just pick up any old table tennis table for the office. You are going to want a durable, good-quality table tennis table that is going to last. Here’s why a PONGO table tennis table is the best option for your office or business.

Low maintenance

When you buy a PONGO table, all you need to worry about is making sure the ping pong bats and balls don’t go missing. That’s because our tables are strong, durable and built to last. Our range of table tennis tables are constructed with high tensile all-aluminium for superior strength and undergo multi-stage UV protection coatings during the production process. Our tables are also incredibly easy to set up. In just three easy steps, your flat pack can be transformed into a ready-to-use ping pong table. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes! Oh, and did we mention our tables have a fixed integrated perforated aluminium net? That means no replacing those standard pesky mesh nets that are always falling over, getting themselves tied in a knot or breaking.


So, you get a new office table tennis table and Johnny from accounting spills a drink on it. Typical Johnny. If you had purchased a cheap table tennis table, you might have a major problem.

Cheap table tennis tables often have thin, poor-quality table tops with just a little lick of paint on top and no waterproofing whatsoever. However, if Johnny spills a drink on a PONGO table, no problems – just wipe it off. Our tables are ‘All-Weather’ products, which are built for rain or shine and have a corrosion-resistant aluminium skinned table top. We won’t go as far as to say our tables are indestructible, but they are pretty damn close.

Indoors or outdoors

If your office tea room is a little small for a table tennis table, you should know that PONGO tables can be used both indoors and outdoors. Got an outdoor area? A patio? Maybe your office has an outdoor rooftop area? Most table tennis tables are made only for the indoors, but PONGO tables are made with all weather conditions in mind.

Personalised company branding and messaging

At PONGO, we offer a range of standard table top designs. Our ‘Aussie Edition’ table is blue like the tennis courts at the Australian Open in Melbourne. We also stock a ‘Clay’ top in honour of the French Open, a ‘Lawn’ top in honour of Wimbledon, a slick ‘Carbon’ top design and a very nice ‘Beach’ design. But in addition to all of that, we offer customisable table top designs, which are a favourite among business buyers. We will link you up with a designer and together you will be able to come up with a table top design of your own. It could feature company logos, mottos or other branding or messaging that you want to get across to your employees. Just think – every time an employee shares a photo of video of their epic table tennis competition, that’s free advertising for you.