It’s time to be honest about it: last year’s work party was a drag. Linda from accounts was in charge of the music, playing nothing but Bruno Mars. Kelly from marketing was in charge of activities, and only brought Twister (and was way too eager to play it). And the office’s certified loose unit, Gary, was in charge of food and drink. And he only organised drink.

While your Christmas party, work party or any other shindig of yesteryear may not have looked this bad, it could still have gone better. And the good news is, just by coming here, you’re on the right track! Hosting a table tennis party is fun for everyone. But you have to get it right in order for it to succeed.

That’s where PONGO come into play… literally. Here, the ping pong gurus from PONGO explain how to host an epic table tennis party.

Step 1 out of 1: Talk to PONGO

The very first thing to do when organising your ripper table tennis party is talk to the team at PONGO. Our team will find out exactly what you want and exactly what they need to make it happen. This includes:

  • Date and time
  • Number of party-goers
  • General age of group
  • Size of location
  • Staff or no staff required
  • Bluetooth speakers required or not
  • Roving Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Police Checked

Hot tips

  • Forget the DJs or speaker hire: PONGO have got you sorted
    DJs, massive speaker systems, classical violin quartets, interpretive dance troupes… all of these things belong in the past when it comes to throwing an epic table tennis party. PONGO offer high-quality, connectable Bluetooth speakers and powerbanks for all events to ensure that the tunes keep a-rollin’ and the balls keep a-comin’.
  • Let the event come to you
    Roses are red, violets are blue, when you stick with PONGO, event comes to you! So, poetry isn’t our strongpoint, but making your event as convenient as possible certainly is. PONGO can set up their fleet of quality table tennis tables in your workplace, home or wherever you want them to be.
  • Next Level
    Upgrade to include Podiums, Custom Trophies and even matching team outfits for those with a full competitive streak. Include Table Tennis Game Styles such as King / Queen of the Table which are time-based games ensuring there is an aspect of luck to finishing first! Winning teams then enter a Playoffs where everybody cheers.

All parties are better with PONGO

Table tennis isn’t one of those activities that you need to be a master at, or requires 100% of everybody’s attention the whole time, or makes us break into an awkward sweat and get sweat marks in front of our boss. It’s suited to all abilities, leaves plenty of room for mingling, and keeps you sweat-free. And most importantly, it’s fun as heck!

Last year’s party ain’t gonna have nothing on this year’s! PONGO are here to make your event unique, spectacular and epic. PONGO manufacture premium quality, Aussie-made, all-weather ping pong tables and accessories for recreational and professional use. Offer full-service table hire, including set up and pack up as well as trained staff, PONGO cater for work parties, functions, pop-up events and more. For an event that pings, get in touch with the friendly team at PONGO to get started.

Pongo Pop-Ups and Activations are currently being ran in Victoria only.