We all know the drill when it comes to playing casual sports in pubs and hotels. You’re limited to pool, and pool only. You have to pay $4 in coins for each match. Your opponent is always an unfriendly, tight-lipped codger. He has grey mutton chops, wears a leather jacket and a belt with a skull buckle on it. His name is always Ian, and he’s always an absolute shark.

But what if we told you there was a better way? What if we told you that, in our pub, there is no pool table. There is no pay-per-game policy. And there is no Ian… sorry, Ian.

Sounds good, right? Allow us to introduce Victoria’s Pulse Leagues pub table tennis comps, and why PONGO is a driving force behind this super cool, new way of doing sport at the local.

Pulse Leagues: how does it work?

Pulse Leagues are a scheduled series of casual yet competitive table tennis matches across pubs, hotels and beer gardens in Victoria. It’s basically a fun, laidback way of playing a sport you love while knocking back a couple schooeys with newly-made mates. There are a bunch of different leagues to join across Melbourne, which you can suss here.

Who sets up the matches?

You do! Pulse League matches are spread across 14 weeks and are filled with 14 people. But unlike weekly squash practice, Korean lessons or oboe rehearsals, Pulse matches are played between you and your opponent, whenever it suits you both. You organise this through the chat function of the Pulse website after you login.

How long does it go for?

The leagues are 14 weeks long and are ideally filled with 14 people, which means you’ll get to play everyone once before the last week, which is the final tournament.

Why PONGO are huge fans of Pulse Leagues

PONGO’s mission is simple: get people to play table tennis and enjoy life, and support more of it. Victoria’s Pulse Leagues aligns with our vision entirely.

Benefits of casual competitive table tennis in pubs, hotels and beer gardens

The benefits of this are innumerable:

  • Easy way to play table tennis every week
    Maybe you’re not up for joining a professional ping pong club, maybe you don’t have a table at home, or maybe you’re the only one out of your mates who wants to play social table tennis: whatever your problem, Pulse Leagues can solve it in a relaxed but fun environment.
  • Friendly, laidback environment
    We’re not here to ‘smash noobs’. We’re here to make good mates, enjoy a couple of refreshments and have fun while playing some good TT.
  • Getting you out of the house
    Exercise, socialise and beer it up all at once. That ought to tick a few boxes for some!

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