We’ve all dreamed of it. You’re invited to a mate’s place for a party or a catch-up. It just so happens to be they’ve got table tennis.

“I’m useless at this haha,” says one of your mates.

“Yeah, me too,” you say, hiding that you’re-about-to-get-rinsed smirk with difficulty.

The game begins and it’s quickly observed that you’re a weapon. You’re spinning shots like a merry-go-round. You’re slicing like a butcher. You’re serving like a waiter at a soup kitchen. You grind your opponent to dust.

This fantasy doesn’t have to just live in your head. With a couple of tricks up your sleeve and a bit of practice, you can carry it out in real life. Here, we get the lowdown from Australia’s ping pong experts at PONGO on how to level up your table tennis game.


Working on your forehand is essential to levelling up in table tennis. Master your forehand, and you’ll be able to pull off those epic smashes you’ve seen professionals do. Such a satisfying feeling.

You want to use your whole body when playing a forehand shot. Similar to actual tennis, rotating your hips and shoulders is the key to a good forehand. The power doesn’t come from your arms: it comes from your body. Practise this forehand technique with very little power to begin with – then, once you become more consistent in placing the ball, you can slowly increase the force behind your shots.

Backhand spin

There are many styles of backhands, and even the world’s top table tennis players differ greatly when it comes to their own personal style. But if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to learn how to place spin on the ball when performing a backhand. To do this, try flicking your wrist in an upward motion as soon as your racquet makes contact with the ball. The aim is to rub the ball with your racquet so that it spins forward. Again, practise this without power until you become consistent. Once you master it, you can go full destroy-mode.


Your serve is another key component of becoming a table tennis pro. Backhand side spin is how most players serve the ball. Flick your wrist outwards and to the side when your racquet makes contact with the ball. This will give your serve a bit of heat and allow you to put more power behind the ball. Becoming a master of table tennis isn’t something that happens overnight, but when you’re practising on the best table, you’ll get there far quicker. PONGO manufacture Australia’s greatest ping pong tables. Weather-proofed to the extreme and built for Australia’s intense outdoor climate, PONGO tables are durable, resilient and amazingly fun to play on. Get your table tennis game on track when you invest in a PONGO today!