It’s India, 1865. Two British military officers are bored, thinking of ways to entertain themselves after dinner. Genius strikes. One of them produces a golf ball from his pocket. The other sets up a row of books directly across the centre of the table. Using an additional book as a racquet, one officer hits the golf ball over the books. The other hits it back.

Ping pong. Is. Born.

From there, we innovated. Lightweight, extra bouncy tables were created. Rubber sheets were added to handles to improve grip and spin. The formula for a perfect polymer ping pong ball was developed.

And then? Nothing.

Since then, ping pong tables found themselves in such dire, hopeless situations over the years. Frayed, loose nets in high school gymnasiums. Covered in a thick layer of dust in your uncle’s mancave. Warped, chipped and advertised on Gumtree for less than $50. Where did we go wrong?

Introducing PONGO: the world’s greatest table tennis table

The work of those two British military officers was not in vain. It just took a while for what they started to culminate into its final form. And now, it’s arrived.

PONGO is the world’s best ping pong table. Specially designed as an outdoor, all-weather table that’s built for the harsh Australian climate, PONGO guarantees the good times in rain or shine.

PONGO tables: giving table tennis a makeover

PONGO tables aren’t like other ping pong tables. They’re unique, different and better:

  • Fully weatherproofed tables
    PONGO understand that floor space in modern homes is slowly creeping away, making it hard to find a spot the beloved indoor table tennis arena. That’s why PONGO have developed all-weather outdoor tables which can be left in the rain, sun or snow without warping, cracking, falling apart and ending up on Marketplace for $50. Using high-tensile aluminium construction and multi-stage UV protection coatings, PONGO tables aren’t fazed by much. Apart from explosions. They don’t like explosions.
  • Perforated aluminium net
    On any table tennis rig, the net is the first thing to go. That’s because they’re usually made of fabric, are flimsy and… well frankly, they suck. PONGO’s perforated aluminium powder-coated metal net changes this entirely.
  • Custom designs
    PONGO are renowned for their customisable table designs, allowing you to pimp your pong till your heart’s content! Perfect for businesses, sporting clubs, workplaces, schools and families, PONGO custom tables couldn’t be more fun. You’ll work with a professional designer and be able to perfect the blueprint before your creation comes to life.

PONGO has reinvented the game with their weather-defying, heavy duty table tennis tables. Manufacturing premium quality tables, their goal is to bring back the Australian tradition of the family table tennis arena. PONGO has unique eye-catching designs as standard and can fully customise to suit your workplace, event or Airbnb. Just chat to the friendly guys at PONGO to learn more.